Present Creative delivers a variety of outsourcing services with a keen eye for quality. For instance, do you need tailored game development pipelines, art direction, production, UI/UX, animation, technical specs, sound design, integration, game design and/or engineering? We can work with your company to create a personalized services suite that can complete your project on time and looking great.
Check out our list of services below and request a portfolio. We would love to show you how outsourcing could be the perfect fit for your company/project:

2D art


Our artists have created game art for numerous international chart topping projects. Come see why.

3D art services


From modeling to texture mapping, from rigging to animation, our 3D artists know the “ins and outs” of building pipelines for game production.

concept art


Get your game started on the right foot with visionary art from our talented array of concept artists. You have the idea, let us flesh it out into reality and really make it shine.

animation services


Bring it to life! Present Creative prides itself on having an extensive repertoire of animation prowess across a variety of code bases and toolsets. We love making your games move.

mocap services


Motion Capture is your new best friend and Present Creative has the studio space to make it happen. Our motion capture technology uses the state of the art, Phasespace Impulse system. At 960Hz, fast action motions can be captured on up to 8 actors at a time. In addition to actors, props and cameras can also be tracked for full performance and reference.

ui ux


First impressions matter. Thats why UI/UX is so important. From apps, to websites, to games we can help make your project intuitive, easy to understand, and fun to experience.

branding services


Good branding can make a product stand out from the crowd and let’s face it, this industry is crowded. We excel at creating cohesion and coherence from logos to app icons to marketing materials that really shine. When you put your branding in our hands you can expect an intuitive process that will propel your brand into the limelight.

particle system animation


In today’s app world, it’s all about the polish. Our particle system animators know how to make your game sizzle, literally. We love making products sparkle, squish, and anything else you can dream of.



Help your marketing team spark your potential customers interest by hiring us to make your next trailer. Our team can distill the heart and soul of your project down to a minute or less.

pre-production services


Start right, get it done right, and enjoy the spoils. Present Creative knows how to build from the ground up: GDD/TDD writing, concept art, prototyping, and great project planning.

audio services


SAY WHAT? Any game worth playing should be worth hearing. The caliber of the sound should match the caliber of the art. Yup, we do that too.

game design services


Need a thought partner? Let’s talk about your next idea. We love helping our clients design successful games.

engineering services


As industry veterans, our team has perfected the art of making ideas into reality. Our engineers are proficient in Unity, HTML5, Cocos2d and are always learning something new.

game development services


From start to finish, Present Creative has the tools you need to get your next idea off the drawing board and straight to market.

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