I’ve worked with a lot of art outsource companies from all around the world and I’ve found that a successful outsource relationship boils down to 4 things, quality, reliability, a sense of humor and most importantly, communication. Present Creative excels in all 4, delivering high quality content on time and exactly to our specifications with a smile on their faces, working with PC has been a pure delight.
Michael Christian
Electronic Arts / PopCap
We have completed a number of projects with Present Creative, and in the process they have become a very dependable resource for us to regularly supplement our in-house development with. They are extremely receptive, competent and easy to work with, and they spare no effort to make sure that we are happy with results. Thanks guys!
Edvard Toth
I have used Present Creative as a primary contractor for almost 10 years over multiple projects with at least 2 different game companies. I highly recommend them as a great outfit to work with if you have any art outsourcing needs. Currently we are using Present Creative to produce card art for our mobile card game title 'Outcast Odyssey'. They are very well organized and have leveraged a wealth of experience in creating card art for the game. They are receptive to feedback, have high standards and possess a clear sense of professionalism tempered with an understanding that computer game art needs to be fun in order to be engaging.
Chris Miles

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